What is the difference between 1-ply and 2-ply toilet paper?

1-ply refers to toilet paper that comprises one layer of paper, while 2-ply toilet paper is made of two layers of paper.


Is the size of a sheet and weight of toilet paper important?

The size of a sheet of toilet paper differs between manufacturers. Some advertise that they sell the cheapest toilet paper, but these are often smaller in size, contain fewer sheets, or are of a lesser weight. Bigger sheets may also be achieved by producing thinner sheets, resulting in poor quality paper that is easily torn.


Which toilet paper is the best?

‘Best’ may be toilet paper that is the softest, strongest or the most absorbent. New technology can make the paper softer by blowing air during the manufacturing process, which ‘puffs up’ the paper. Such toilet paper may be soft to the touch, but may not have ‘wet’ strength; this refers to how well the paper holds up when wet. By adding chemicals to the process, the paper becomes stronger and will not disintegrate upon contact with water. A good combination of ‘wet’ strength and softness is what manufacturers aim to achieve.


What is a jumbo-roll tissue (JRT)?

Toilet paper is now being made into jumbo-sized rolls, which weigh 500 to 800 grams per roll, and require special dispensers. These rolls are used in industrial and public restrooms and are convenient as they reduce time spent changing rolls, making it an economical and practical choice.


How do toilet rolls made from recycled paper compare to those made from 100% virgin pulp?

Paper made from traditional virgin-fibre wood is considered high quality paper. Toilet rolls made from recycled paper are cheaper and also environmentally friendly. Through technological advancement, higher grades of recycled paper are becoming even softer. Another option which is comparable in quality to traditional virgin-fibre wood is paper made from sugarcane pulp.


Do we have to assemble the equipment ourselves?

No. Reproducer will assemble the equipment for you at no cost.


Do your cleaning solutions come with MSDS (material specification data sheet)?

Yes. We can provide the MSDS upon request.


Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum amount. We provide free delivery for orders equal to or exceeding SGD160.00 (excluding GST) within Singapore and within two working days upon confirmation. For orders less than SGD160.00, a delivery fee of SGD20.00 will be imposed per location. We encourage customers to collect their purchases from our office at Block 4026 Ang Mo Kio Industrial Park 1 #01-259 Singapore 569637.


Who can I speak with if I have other queries?

You may call us at64548351, fax us at 64563672 during office hours or email us at customerservice@reproducer.biz